Diagnostic of Your Web Presence

The first step is to perform a diagnostic of your mechanic Auto Centre’s Web presence using an assessment chart.

The diagnostic will identify the good practices already in place, the current weaknesses and the concrete actions needed to improve or maintain the best possible Web presence. You will then receive a score in percentage that measures your presence on the Web.

Criteria Used for Analysis

The criteria for analysis were selected by MWS team members according to their fields of expertise, and are based on internationally recognized practices. The analysis criteria are also adapted to the reality of your activity sector and your geographical area.

The main common criteria are:

  • Google search results
  • Quality of your Google My Business profile
  • Content and tags in your current website
  • Presence on social networks
  • Presence in Web directories

The specific criteria are:

  • Quality of content published on the website
  • Quality of content published on social networks and Google My Business
  • Frequency of publications
  • Interactions and commitment obtained
  • Follow-ups of reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites.

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The Final Score

The diagnostic will produce a final score that is a general indicator of your Web presence and practices. This is the starting point for assessing what needs to be done to reach your Web visibility and SEO goals.

Flexible Solutions and Plans

Your diagnostic will come with a suggestion for a selection of solutions or a proposal of a monthly plan. The plans are turnkey services that take into consideration our philosophy that frequent updates and adding content are the foundations of effective Web SEO.

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